Saturday, February 23, 2008


And in it goes, you know -
all the knowledge. At least
for this week. And then next
week it will be something other
and the other will be there, some-
where...showing up in the odd dream.

I love poems, most of them anyway.

We had a dying tree, it's gone now
a group of guys with one chain saw
cut it all up and their branch-eater
took what they didn't leave. Only
trunk segments left, hauled on a sled
I moved them all out of sight for now.

The men went away, a bit underpaid, I thought.

The squirrels have noticed, I'm sure
and possibly some of the birds.
I guess it does leave room for the moon
she has been getting plenty of attention
blushing even. It's still cold here.
The sky stays quite clear at night.

And only yesterday, my dad was pushing his snowblower.

It's been quite a while here.

Feels good

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Up for Air

Could I lift this orange
peel off that peel package
and segmentally munch it away

yes, and of course I think of you
with that left over longing
wonder again what happened

the peeling's gone
we know it's not on
and I would have shared some