Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sky Watching

Amid gray hair and confused looks
nothing on the path is quite the same
but the sky remains silent

My friend has a day clock
enough to know what day it is
sometimes it's all one needs

It's already tomorrow someplace
and sky can hold the light of day
lightly, then let it go again

Perhaps the sky is subdivided
for the development of new markets
in cloud production and such

Ideally, PV=nRT, but
there are limits and loss of equilibrium
not to mention the question of who's watching

Sunday, April 08, 2007


In these early ragged moments
I searched for something
that rhymes with Easter

Asked my son -
"Nothing," he said,
"unless 'feaster' is a word'"

I suppose it is
if someone uses it
(he's off to the dictionary)

Now east - plenty there -
beast, feast, least, ceased
(well, if you squint)

Perhaps it is an unusual day
moves around a lot
('feaster' wasn't there)

There was something about
"the least of these" -
maybe some are leaster